Author: stockmopar

  • Updated Connected by TCP API

    A few months back, Connected by TCP started to roll out a firmware update to address security concerns. Prior to this update anyone who has access to the local network of a user with a TCP gateway had full control of the users lights.

  • BeagleBone Black for Home Automation

    A BeagleBone Black is an excellent platform to get build the foundation of a Home Automation System.  The board is low-cost, powerful, and expandable. I ordered my BeagleBone Black from Newark in February 2014 for $45 plus tax & shipping.  It took over a month to arrive because of the great amount of demand that […]

  • Connected by TCP API

    ** Important ** Connected by TCP has updated the communication methods to make a more secure connection between client and gateway.  As such, this API is no longer working.  I am working on understanding the new protocol and building a new API. I have created a GIT Repository for the Node.js implementation of the Connected […]

  • WeMo Insight Hacking

    This is a web service breakdown that I have used to create an interface with the WeMo Insight to not only set its state but also pull information about its energy usage. [ads]The potentials for this are endless.  An example use case for a device like this that I have used it for is I […]