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This is a site that I set up to track some of my advancements in home automation. My current Home Automation setup includes a: Nest Thermostat, TCP Connected Lights, Wemo Light Switch, WeMo Switch, and WeMo Insight.

I started out using PHP as my programming language to communicate with all of these devices but I have since moved towards Node.js because of its ease of setting up socket connections and the large support base that it has with home automation hacks.  I plan to share my developments and release an Unofficial TCP Connected API and I am working towards a system similar to Ninja Blocks.  My main gripe with Ninja Blocks is that it requires an always on Internet connection to their servers.  This limits its long term potential.

I am currently developing on a Windows PC but will move the Node.js application to a BeagleBoard XM and later to a BeagleBoard Black.

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  1. I am the co-founder of WigWag and the lead developer on DeviceJS … see: http://devicejs.org

    We found your code for the Greenwave/TCP bulbs to be useful, and wondered if you would be interested in collaborating with us. DeviceJS resolves the issue you have with *always* needing an Internet connection … amongst a lot of other things.


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