BeagleBone Black for Home Automation

A BeagleBone Black is an excellent platform to get build the foundation of a Home Automation System.  The board is low-cost, powerful, and expandable.

I ordered my BeagleBone Black from Newark in February 2014 for $45 plus tax & shipping.  It took over a month to arrive because of the great amount of demand that surrounds this platform. Continue reading

Connected by TCP API

** Important ** Connected by TCP has updated the communication methods to make a more secure connection between client and gateway.  As such, this API is no longer working.  I am working on understanding the new protocol and building a new API.

I have created a GIT Repository for the Node.js implementation of the Connected by TCP Lights API. In its current state it will turn on and off the lights in a room by passing the name of the room. Check out the exmaples folder for this demo.

A long while back I heard about the Phillips Hue light bulbs and thought it was a neat concept but at the price point I never saw it worth the cost.

So last weekend I was doing research into different options and I saw some lower cost options like Limitless LED and I was about to buy a couple bulbs to try them when I stumbled across the Connected by TCP system.  I quickly learned that they had a deal worked out with Home Depot to get a Starter Pack for $50!  Additional bulbs are available at the following places:

I did some looking for any type of API to control the system without using the included apps and came up empty. Continue reading