WeMo Insight Hacking

This is a web service breakdown that I have used to create an interface with the WeMo Insight to not only set its state but also pull information about its energy usage.

The potentials for this are endless.  An example use case for a device like this that I have used it for is I hooked this up to my Lasko Humidifier.   It has a built in humidity sensor which will cycle the unit on and off as needed.  The WeMo Insight gives me the ability to see if the unit is running or not.  When my  is running on maximum setting it uses 70W.  When it cycles off it uses less than 2W.  So with the WeMo Insight I can see how many hours of the day the humidifier has been running as well as an estimated monthly cost of running the unit based on past usage.  I had originally intended to use the humidity output of my Nest to drive a Wemo switch on and off.  But for now this was much faster and easier to set up and I can see all the metrics I wanted.

By using the information below you can integrate these units into custom applications for remotely monitoring energy usage.  You also get the same functionality the original Wemo offers.
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